Experience 2019-E

We offer you an experience !

Like the memory game, match the pictures in pairs

Object : find pairs by association – a picture of the greetings card with another unknown card.

Hint : the words written on the greetings card can help you.

Rules : turn 2 cards, if they match you win a pair. If not start again, turning over two more cards. When 2 cards match , a message is written.

You are done when you have found 6 pairs :

Do you want to share a wish ?

Write a sentence with a word of the list :

Improvement, Interact, Team, Explore, Go beyond, Curiosity, Empathy, Innovate, Willingness, Make, Excellence, Agility.


Votre phrase - Your sentence

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* : champs obligatoires - Mendatory


Thank you for your participation !

The Progress Partners team wishes you a happy new year 2019 !